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female torso - gold electro-plate over bronze on marble base - 21" high - $30,000
with mahoghany pedestal base 48"x17.5"x17.5" supporting a 28"x17.5"x17.5" plexiglass enclosure for the sculpture
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Torso of a woman - 17" long x 8.5" high x 9" wide - bronze on marble base - $10,500
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The Entertainer - bronze patinated dark brown - height 9" including base $4,500
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Christ teaching the Children - height 15" - bronze patinated green on marble base - $5,500

Female bust in the style of a fragment of ancient statuary - height 10.25" - bronze patinated green-grey on marble base - $7,500

You are invited to inspect these sculptures in Austin Texas by appointment.
Purchases are subject to Texas sales tax.

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P.O. Box 2762, Austin, TX 78768